Monday, January 25, 2021

About Us

We are Columbus writers, creators, doers, concert lovers and restaurant goers. ColumBUZZ has the latest on the sights, sounds, tastes and events around Cap City. We enjoy exploring the ins and outs of our city, then report back to you, our loyal followers and friends.

ColumBUZZ Crew


Jill Span-Hofbauer

Ohio native, Columbusite by choice. I am a creatively-inspired writer, runner, traveler & dog lover. I love living in Columbus, and my mission is to find and share the best stories Cap City has to offer.

Lauren Schultz

When I was 5, my kindergarten teacher gave me an A and gold star for socializing that was added to my report from that day forward.

Matt Erney

Columbus is the city I love. Sports enthusiast, health nut, and love for all things digital. Laser focused strategy is key to success, and I’m passionate about solving challenges and helping companies grow.

Ryan Kendall

Columbus has been my home for the past decade. Within that small time, I have seen this city grow into a collection of sophisticated tastes and culture that rival any “Big City.” It is my most excellent pleasure to be a part of this growing landscape filled with possibilities and ever-changing weather. Too hot? Wait a few days, cause you never know what’s over the horizon in the CBUS.

Ryan Gorenflo

ColumBUZZ Administrator. Introvert. Avid alcohol specialist. Proud coffee nerd. Incurable SEO trailblazer. Food practitioner. Columbus scholar. Gym enthusiast.



Allison Loughry

Born and raised in Akron, living in Columbus. Just discovered the miracle of Iced Coffee. In my spare time I paint Pinterest quotes on canvases, enjoy the ~occasional~ Netflix binge, and explore different parks and restaurants in Columbus.

Amy Schmitt

Up-and-coming adult human. Born and raised in Columbus, with a hint of Athens charm. Currently reading 16 books at once. I blog and tweet between meals.

Gabrielle Schneier

Living in Ohio, C-Bus style. I am a digital marketing buff, avid runner, creative writer, and social butterfly. I love all things Columbus, and I love to share them. Happy reading!

Kaitlyn Ambrose

Cleveland born and raised. I’m a runner, writer and coffee drinker. Passions include exploring Columbus and eating ice cream.

Lindsey Son

Social media guru and blogger based in Columbus, Ohio. I enjoy going to concerts, seeing movies more than once (or twice), and sipping/chugging a nice cold Columbus IPA. My favorite thing about Cbus is meeting beautiful new faces. And ugly ones, too.

Sean Grevencamp

Film junkie and avid breather. I do not write blogs… yet somehow find myself here. I enjoy anything outdoors, the more manly the better; except growing a beard — I can’t do that. I only get my hair cut at Niko’s and I only bathe in the tears of angels. I like a nice bowl of Tom Kha Gai and when people call cbus “Columbus.”

Travis Sims

Columbus born and raised. Driven by quality content and great hospitality. Leveraging my ideas with reality. Views are pixelated — striving to connect it all.

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